Which exercise is best for getting rid of the flab around the midsection?

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All of them. What I mean is performing any exercise that requires your body to use energy and burn calories will help you in your effort to trim that midsection. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot spot reduce. In other words, you cannot burn fat from a specific area of your body by performing exercises that target that area of your body (i.e., ab crunches for a flabby midsection). Ab crunches will make your abs stronger and more muscular, but they alone will not remove the fat from your midsection.

Some people have excess body around their midsection, while others have it below the waist around their hips and buttocks. You have no say as to where your body stores its excess fat. Likewise, you have nothing to do with where on your body you will start to lose that fat. It"™s not up to you. In fact, if most of your fat is concentrated on a certain area of your body, that is likely the last place you will notice a change. And the only chance you have of losing that fat is by making wholesale lifestyle changes. This means eating more whole foods and less refined foods, eating less sugar, drinking plenty of water, exercising on a regular basis with cardiovascular exercises and resistance training, and managing the amount of stress in your life.

We all have a flat, muscular stomach. It"™s just that for some of us you cannot see it underneath the excess body fat. If you want to see it, change your lifestyle.

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