What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnosis is used for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is used to release trapped or repressed emotions, or to quit unwanted habits such as overeating or smoking. Some like to use it for entertainment purposes. It can be used for many different reasons.

Some hypnotherapists use it to help people eliminate unwanted behavior and create behavior that allows the client to experience a better life — whatever that means to the individual. Hypnosis is the quieting of the conscious (ego driven) mind and the awakening of the subconscious mind (higher self). The therapist guides the client into a relaxed state using various hypnotic tools Information is collected at the first session, when the therapist performs suggestibility tests on the client. These tests determine what induction the therapist should use to best suit the client's personality. They also determine how good a subject will be for hypnosis. The experience is typically very relaxing and informative for the client.

Common Fears and misconceptions about hypnosis:
Becoming Stuck in hypnosis: This cannot happen. You will always wake up from trance, similar to waking up from sleep. You control how deeply you go and at what time you come out of trance.

Fear of divulging secrets: You will not discuss anything that is not relevant or necessary for your growth in your process. All sessions are 100% confidential.

Fear of Being Embarrassed/ Doing Something Against your Will: During our sessions, you control what you want to work on. You are in complete control. The therapist cannot make you do anything. This is important to remember. The therapist cannot do anything for you. She or he is your guide and is there to help you achieve the level of trance depth you desire, you allow yourself to be guided.

Hypnosis Is Magic: Hypnosis is not magic. If you are under the impression that hypnosis is going to magically make things happen, without the ingredient of action, on your part, it is probably not for you. Don’t waste your money. Hypnosis will take away your cravings and strong desires to behave in ways that we determine are hindering you from your goals. Hypnosis can open doors for you. It will not magically make you do anything. If you are in this for lifetime success, some form of action should be expected on your part.

Hypnosis weakens the mind: Quite the contrary. Hypnosis teaches you how to control your thoughts, therefore strengthening the mind.

Only Stupid people are suggestible or hypnotizable: Again, the opposite is true. One must have a fairly high intellect in order to follow the therapist’s direction and allow themselves to experience the altered state. We are all suggestible. Everyday, whether you like it or not, if you watch television (commercials), read, watch the news, or simply talk with a friend, you are being given suggestions. Sometimes we take a suggestion without realizing it. A hypnotherapist will teach you how to only accept suggestions that are right for you — suggestions that help you achieve your goals in life.

How and Why it works
Our cells regenerate every six weeks. Dead cells are carried into the lymphatic system where they are processed and released. New cells are formed after that. Researchers at The Stanford School of Medicine have proven for the first time, what has been theorized for over 42 years: How a living cell turns a fleeting chemical signal into a permanent memory.

It has been proven that our cells can hold memories of everything from what chocolate smells like, to a traumatic experience, or a simple suggestion from a conversation or argument. The cells do not discriminate between a suggestion you tell yourself, or one that someone else tells you. The problem most of us have is that we can easily distinguish someone else’s suggestion and determine if it is something we want to accept consciously or not. What we are not aware of is our inner mind chatter. Without our awareness, we are sometimes telling ourselves things about ourselves all day that determine how the outside world responds to us.

Hypnosis helps you identify sabotaging self talk, and remove it from your unconscious and bring it into consciousness where it can be dealt with and eliminated. What hides in the darkness is frightening. By illuminating your darkness and realizing it as simply a part of your human makeup, you can choose whether or not you want to act out of that space. We are balanced beings, capable of equal parts darkness and light. You cannot have one without the other. Bringing the two into balance is what we accomplish in your customized treatments.

A skilled hypnotherapist takes this research and utilizes it in reprogramming your cells for positive results for you. Whether that is losing weight, quitting an addiction, creating abundance, self confidence, or simply learning to relax.

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