How would you like the same results you get from a typical fitness bootcamp, but with food instead of exercise?

Sounds pretty amazing, huh?!

During this fun and interactive workshop, you will experience:
– Reduced Body Fat
– Increased Energy
– Improved Immunity
– Better Sleep
– Improved Overall Health and Fitness

This workshop is a crash course in improving your nutritional habits. Specifically, you will learn:

1. The relationship between food and one’s immunity, energy, hormonal systems, body weight, quality of sleep, musculoskeletal issues, overall health and more;
2. How to interpret the body’s response to food and identify which foods best meet you body’s unique needs;
3. How to create a food shopping list you can feel good about;
4. How to shop more efficiently and with more confidence;
5. How to identify healthier food, including how to select food for freshness and optimal nutrient content, and even choosing between the “lesser of evils”;
6. How to read labels and get healthy snack ideas; and
7. Learn hands on how to prepare a healthy meal for you and your family.

When: Oct. 17 – 26, Nov. 2
Time: Mon. & Wed. 7 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $199 plus $40 for cooking class at Whole Foods

There are a limited number of slots, so sign up now!
To register, call Evolutions Body Clinic at 410-224-7220 or visit