Are antacid tablets a good source for calcium?

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No. The purpose of antacids are too neutralize stomach acids. This is good for an acute stage of heartburn or indigestion, but it is bad for calcium absorption. Physicians typically recommend antacids as an inexpensive and convenient source of calcium. The thinking here is that the active ingredient in these antacids is calcium carbonate (also known as chalk). The problem with this recommendation is twofold:  1) this stomach acid is precisely what is required for the proper assimilation of calcium and many other nutrients by the body; and 2) some stomach acid is also needed to neutralize harmful bacteria and other organisms that enter your body through the food you eat.  Recently, inflammation throughout the body has been linked to the presence of low-level infections and unwanted bacteria that hide out in our gums and food. This inflammation is a culprit in heart disease, arthritis, and other degenerative conditions.

A much safer approach to dealing with chronic heartburn and/or indigestion is to take a good probiotic  supplement on a daily basis, maintain adequate water intake, use digestive enzymes to address and digestive deficiencies, keep your portions small, and avoid processed foods.

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